Canola Oil for Deep Frying
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Canola Oil for Deep Frying

Using canola oil for deep frying has a few advantages. Generally, people who prefer deep frying to pan frying like the fat that the food cooks more quickly this way, so whatever oil they are using has less time to decompose. Pan frying is more likely to produce carcinogenic compounds. When you deep fry food, it is less likely to become charred.

People who use canola oil for deep frying do so because of the health benefits associated with this product. There is a fair amount of controversy attached to deep frying food. Some people are strongly against this method of cooking. They say that it releases harmful byproducts that contribute to illnesses like coronary heart disease (CHD).

Canola Oil for Deep Frying: Pros and Cons

Some persons argue that it is the type of oil that is involved that usually makes deep frying unhealthy. Some kinds of oil, such as partially hydrogenated oils are not good for us. Crisco is a popular choice for frying and baking, but there are healthier choices available.

Other people argue that all high heat frying is dangerous, since it releases acrylamides. This happens once oil is heated beyond around 700 degrees centigrade. Acrylamides can trigger cancer. They may also cause neurological problems.

Transfat fee oils such as peanut oil and canola oil are generally healthier choices than some of the others, which are partially hydrogenated. If you use vegetable oils, the recommendation is that you use those which are cold pressed. Cold pressed oils are obtained by grinding seeds with heavy granite millstones. More often nowadays, large commercial presses use stainless steel presses to crush the seeds. These oils can therefore be produced at a low temperature.

Canola Oil for Deep Frying: Advantages

Canola oil is not high in saturated fats so when it used for frying, baking and other meal preparation methods, it will not increase the number of fats that can go on to clog the arteries. In addition to this it contains omega three fatty acids, which might help to lower triglycerides and cholesterol.

The best fats to use for frying are those which have a high smoke point. These include olive oil, palm oil and canola oil. If oil is not heated beyond its smoke point it is less likely to deteriorate. Canola oil has a smoke point of 242 degrees Celsius. This is higher than the smoke point for olive oil.

Canola Oil for Deep Frying: Using Canola Oil in the Kitchen

Many people nowadays use canola oil for deep frying. It is best to not have fried food too often, even if you are using an oil that has a number of health benefits. Canola oil is sometimes found as a chief ingredient in a chef's version of the healthiest dressing for salad. It is also used when people are preparing meats such as chicken, or snacks like popcorn. It can be used as a substitute for butter in some pastries.

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