Health Benefits of Ice Cream
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Health Benefits of Ice Cream

A lot of people believe ice cream is not a healthy snack to have daily, but ice cream actually contains a lot of healthy benefits.

Ice cream is not just a sweet cold tasty snack we enjoy on a hot summery day or when we are having a mental break down. This cold sweet tasty snack actually contains nutrients in it that are helpful with keeping our bodies strong and healthy naturally. Therefore, we need to get snacking more often on this cold sweet treat instead of listening to how bad people say ice cream is for us.

What is Ice Cream

Ice cream is a frozen creamy treat made with milk, cream, sugar and natural flavorings such as vanilla and chocolate. Ice cream is created by combining all the ingredients together slowly constantly while cooling to prevent ice crystals from forming until you get a smooth creamy cold texture. Some ice creams are even made with real fruits such as strawberries and raspberries, which can provide our bodies with fiber and vitamins. Other types of ice creams contain dark chocolates and caffeine, which have antioxidants in them that help fight off free radical cells in our bodies that cause cancer and aging.

Nutrients in Ice Cream

The nutrients in ice cream that are beneficial to our bodies and health are minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iron and potassium, protein, vitamins A and B complex, folate, fat and carbohydrates. Depending on the type of flavor the ice cream is it will also have antioxidants and fiber in it too especially if  the ice cream is coffee, dark chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, or mango.

Health Benefits of Ice Cream

Now the reason why ice cream is so beneficial to our bodies and health is that the nutrient in it helps keep our bones and muscles healthy and strong. The calcium in ice cream can also help keep blood pressure normal and healthy, prevent colon and stomach cancer, help you maintain a healthy weight and prevent bone diseases. Those of you women out there who suffer from PMS can actually help treat it and soothe it away by eating ice cream. For those of you who suffer from kidney stones you can help prevent them from forming by eating ice cream daily. Those of you who eat ice cream regularly are actually helping your skin stay healthy and young looking and feeling because of all the vitamin A in it. The vitamin A in ice cream can also help keep the immune system and eyesight healthy and strong as well. On a stressful day, consider eating some ice cream because the B complex vitamins in it will help you feel happy and stress free.

Precautions with Ice Cream

Ice cream does contain lots of sugars and saturated fats so it should be eaten in moderation such as a cup or two a day and not a carton of ice cream at a time. Otherwise, ice cream can make you overweight instead of helping you maintain weight and could cause heart disease due to the high amount of saturated fats in it. Those of you allergic to dairy products should not eat ice cream at all. Otherwise, ice cream is a fairly safe, delicious tasty cold treat to have to help keep you healthy and strong.

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Comments (8)

Interesting and informative read.thanks for sharing

Great excuse for me to eat more icecream now I know it's healthy! Thanks

Didn't know a lot of this. Thanks.

I love reading the health benefits, especially that I am an ice-cream person. LOL!

great information

LOL great article!! My favorite brand is So Delicious coconut milk ice cream.




Beautiful! Nice to have a backup when I try to tell people that it's okay to eat small amounts of things that are "bad for you" because of the beneficial properties that are rarely listed on the label. Thanks!