How to Gain Weight with Diabetes
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How to Gain Weight with Diabetes

A person suffering from diabetes may lose weight because of the limited food one can take during medications. Gaining weight is as important as our health that is why many people would like to know how to combat the weight loss due to diabetes. Gaining and losing weight for a diabetic person need to be balance as it is very critical for a patient to gain or lose too much.

There are few techniques for a diabetic person to gain healthy weight. Let us know the tips that became effective to those who are suffering from diabetes.

Eat foods that are rich in proteins and unsaturated fats. Fish, meat and vegetables are rich in healthy proteins that contain no animal fat. All these are perfect part of a daily meal of a diabetic person.  Some specific sources of healthy proteins are unflavored nuts or peanuts, meaning not salted or sweetened, baked or grilled fish like salmon, beans like legumes, chickpeas, soy products, chicken without skin, turkey and lean cuts of steak.  Dairy products like low-fat or non-fat milk and low fat cheese are also a good source of protein. All these foods contain unsaturated fats but rich in protein to help you gain a healthy weight.

Have a good amount of exercise per week. At least 3 times a week will be good for your body to gain muscles. The more muscles you build from exercising the more weight you gain. Having muscles can keep you strong and will strengthen your bone as well. However, avoid exercise like running and jogging as both can burn a lot of calories. You may choose walking as an alternative exercise to it.

Eat foods with healthy carbohydrates before going to bed. If you prefer fruits, banana and apple are perfect for you. You can also eat sandwich before going to bed to increase the carbohydrates in your body.

Avoid drinking excessive amount of juice and eating chocolates. Although these foods can help you gain weight, it wouldn’t be wise to take these foods as it contain high amount of sugar which will only worsen your health condition.

Always consult your doctor for the proper monitoring of your glucose level. Your doctor knows the best medications to maintain your normal sugar level. Having a regular visit to check your glucose level is an important part of maintaining your health.

Gaining weight with diabetes is like the normal procedure a person without a diabetes do.The only difference is, you have to keep it balance and maintain your glucose level. Any unbalance diet will put your health at risk.

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