Omega 3 Benefits
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Omega 3 Benefits

Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential fatty acids. There are many health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is thought to play an important role in reducing inflammation throughout the body. This is very beneficial in the treatment and prevention of many different health conditions. Increasing your intake of omega-3 fatty acids a good thing.

Omega 3 fatty oils that are found in fish oil have been shown to have many health benefits when taken on a regular basis. Research into the benefits has been extensive and the results of the research are nothing short of amazing. The many benefits are as follows.

 Cardiovascular health:  Eating fish and /or taking fish oil reduces the risk of heart attack and cardiac conditions that can lead up to heart attack.

            a. Omega 3 can help lower blood pressure.

            b. Omega 3 may reduce the risk of irregular heart beat.

            c. Omega 3 may help prevent clogged arteries.

            d. Omega 3 reduces triglycerides up to 50%.

  1. Inflammation and related pain:  Studies have shown that Omega 3 is helpful in reducing exercise related inflammation and pain. Research into Omega three benefits against inflammation caused by other means is ongoing and looks promising.


     3. ADHD:  Omega 3 oils are related to brain health. Research in this area shows that the proper intake of omega 3 increases the ability to concentrate. And there are on going studies into the benefits in the treatment for dementia and Alzheimer’s.


  1. Cancer: Due to the anti- inflammatory properties, Omega 3 fish oils may be a great weapon in the battle against cancers.  Hormone related cancers such as breast and prostrate cancer are reduced because Omega 3 suppresses the excess production of the hormones that these cancers need to thrive.
  1. Weight loss:  Research into the weight loss benefits has shown that Omega 3 is a powerful tool in the battle against obesity. It is not a magic pill, but rather just one part of a regime of good nutrition that will help you win the battle against fat.
  1. Healthy skin: Due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties Omega 3 is excellent when it comes to fighting the free radicals that damage our skin. Daily dosage of Omega 3 will help fight wrinkles and sun damage as well as acne and other skin conditions.
  1. Depression and psychosis: Omega 3 has been found to alleviate symptoms of depression and Psychosis. Research at the University of Sheffield confirms this benefit.
  1. Osteoporosis: Daily intake of Omega 3 has been shown to reduce the risk of Osteoporosis which is especially prevalent in post menopausal women.

As you can see, omega 3 should be a daily part of your diet. Eat oily fish such as salmon and mackerel and take fish oil capsules to boost your overall health.

The side effects are minimal but you should not take fish oil supplements if you are taking blood thinners. Before you start using any supplement, you should always talk it over with your doctor.

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Comments (2)

Healthy. Thank you Jamie. Hoping to be in your friendly support.

My eye doctor just recommended Omega 3 to help the dry spots in my eyeballs. Apparently it is not good to have dry spots in one's eyeballs. I hope it helps. Great article!