The Health Benefits of Eating Muscadine (Vitis Rotundifolia) Grapes
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The Health Benefits of Eating Muscadine (Vitis Rotundifolia) Grapes

What are the health benefits of Muscadine grapes? Where is the history of Muscadine grapes?

The official fruit of North Carolina, the Muscadine grape is a wild grape that grows in southeastern United States to include North Carolina, Georgia and Texas, the Muscadine (Scuppernong) grape,) a cutting from the “Mother Vine” was founded by Sir Walter Raleigh 1554. Cultivated in Scuppernong, North Carolina, by Native Americans more than 400 years ago. this hard skinned grapes ranges in color from bronze to deep purple.

Unlike the regular grape, the Muscadine is eaten for its pulp, the skin usually discarded. is basically used to make jams, jellies and wines, is finding its way as an ingredient in various recipes

According to nutrionists at Mississippi State University, “puree of muscadine skins and pulp is an excellent source of dietary fiber, essential minerals and carbohydrates and is low in fat.

“As one of nature's richest sources of polyphenolic antioxidants, muscadines have been studied for their potential health benefits which include preliminary evidence for effects against cancer mechanisms. To date, in vitro studies have shown positive effects of muscadine phenolics against blood, colon and prostate cancers.”

In 2003, Dr. David Sinclair discovered that Muscadine grapes are an excellent source of Resveratrol and can help reduce signs of aging and boosts energy levels and endurance and can improve the life span of yeast cells by 70 percent, reducing the risk of death from a high calorie (HC) diet by 31 per cent. Muscadine grapes having 6 times more Resveratrol than standard grapes make it a good food source to add to your healthy eating diet.

Muscadine grapes and its high levels of Resveratrol and great source of antioxidants are critical in your fight against free radicals. Antioxidants are particularly helpful in preventing diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies and arthritis. It helps to boost your Immune system

One serving of Muscadine grapes gives you the entire daily-recommended amount of fiber. Eating  low-calory Muscadine grapes is a great way to help  keep your cholesterol down, and can aid in digestion by soothing the gastrointestinal track. Getting the health benefits from Muscadine grapes can be obtained in various ways to include supplements and Muscadine juice as well as Muscadine jams and jellies and Muscadine grape wine.

Helps promote healthy heart and cardiovascular function

Helps your blood health, reducing oxidative stress to your heart by helping to reduce inflammation to blood vessels, reducing atherosclerotic plaque formation. Maintains the dilation mechanisms of blood vessels to keep blood pressure normal and protects against inappropriate blood clotting

Maintains healthy blood dugar levels

Reduces Metabolic Syndrome and controls blood glucose concentrations. Reduces metabolic eye damage Inhibits AGE protein formation

Anti-Inflammatory support

Muscadine grapes provide anti-inflammatory aid caused by Rheumatoid arthritis, gout, psoriasis, IBS, colitis, atherosclerosis, diabetes and Fibromyalgia, or any other causes.

photo by Luke (lucianvenutian (flicker)

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Comments (8)

Excellent write-up, especially that I love grapes...

Important information on the benefits of easting grapes and nicely executed, too. I have to agree...grapes happen to be one of my favorite fruits, particularly the dark purple ones. Thanks for the reminder. Voted up!

Good thing I love grapes. Good article here.

Francina, wow, thanks for the great information.

Thanks for sharing.

Muscadine Grape Supplements

Great article. The health benefits of muscadines and muscadine supplements are incredible! Doctors from Wake Forest University did a study in April of 2011 and showed where Nature's Pearl Muscadine Extract Supplement was a cancer inhibitor in vitro on 7 different cancers.

Great work Francina!

Thanks, everyone, sincerely appreciate your comments and votes.