The Health Benefits Of Soya Milk
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The Health Benefits Of Soya Milk

The health benifits of soya milk based from severla studies from universities.

Soya milk is a kind of milk made out of soybeans. It is produced by soaking soybeans into the water for several hours or minutes, and then it will be grinded. This kind of milk started from China in relation to Tofu making which is being done out of soybeans too.

Soya milk is the best substitute for cow’s milk. It has no taste basically, but in China, it is salty. But in other countries, it is sweet depending upon the mixture. So, everyone can really drink it regardless of age and race. It is very good for babies too. The health benefits of soya milk are the reasons why this is good for everyone.

And because of these, soya milk is actually healthier compare to other kinds of milk. The very reason why it is healthy is because of its health benefits just like the protein content that it has since it is made from soybean. This protein content is just the same with that of dairy milk from cows.

However, the main difference between dairy milk and soya milk is that, soya milk is made out of vegetable; therefore it has very little cholesterol. Unlike the dairy milk, it has saturated fats that can cause high cholesterol to human beings. So, if one will drink this soya milk, he or she will have lower cholesterol according to a study of American Heart Association led by Frank M. Sachs, M.D. So, soya milk is really good for the heart.

Aside from that, lactose is also absent in soya milk, so, it can be easily digested right away in the digestive system especially for those people who are lactose intolerant.

Moreover, soya milk has phytochemicals which are cancer-fighting. According to a study from Wayne State University School of Medicine, soya milk has these chemicals which can help reduce breast cancer and prostate cancer. So, these are good for both men and women.

And lastly, it can also help women to have stronger bones because of its isoflavones. This is based from a study in Iowa State University. Thus osteoporosis will be avoided.

So, these are all the health benefits of soya milk.Actually there are also other nutrients and vitamins from it just like Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, and other things. So, this only means that this soya milk is really a great w0nder.


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Comments (15)
Ranked #1 in Nutrition

I have a Chinese neighbor way back whose business is a tofu factory. He only sells "taho" and tofu but he never sell the soy milk, the first output of soybean. I convinced him to give away soy milk to nursing mothers to the squatter areas near us and after 20 years his sons continue his legacy about the free soy milk. So there was this community of children raised from the power of soy beans and still existing till now

Ranked #13 in Nutrition

Thanks for the the additional info Ron. Yeah that is true, even in my place my mother is also selling soy milk, and there are lots of mothers who are using it for their babies, and they gave good testimonies about some healing wonders to their children...

In the US, Soya is a brand of soy milk, i think you're advocating all soy milk in general?

Ranked #30 in Nutrition

I think this should be taken in moderation. I had joint problems after drinking soya continuously for 1 week.

Ranked #13 in Nutrition

May be... but to the side of my mother, some of her illnesses are now gone. That is why she is making it by herself to be sure that it's all natural without any peservatives. And she is drinking this one everyday. And nothing is happenning wrong.

Ranked #13 in Nutrition

@James R. Coffey Soya Milk and Soy Milk are just the same according to my research. I think in US Soy Milk is more used. Here in Philippines Soya Milk is more used too than Soy Milk. But they are just the same even with Soybean Milk too. It just happen that it Soya Milk became a brand there in US. But yes, I am telling about Soya or Soy Milk in general not fr a specific brand. Actually, I prefer a home made soya milk for better results because there is no much preservatives and other additional mixtures.

Welcome Le Verne! Great first article. Soy is definitely a super food. Here in Vermont, it is actually being grown in order to extract the oil to be used as bio fuel to power diesel engines. Imagine? -Good for the body and good for the planet!

Ranked #13 in Nutrition

Thanks Kevin...Yeah I am so happy coming here in Factoidz. I hope I can write more good articles...:) Yeah Soybean is really very useful...Thanks for the additional information...

Well presented article. I did used to drink soya milk, maybe I will drink it again.

nice share, and very incisive information


Very healthy facts here, kabayan. Good work!

Ranked #13 in Nutrition

Thanks everyone...:) also to you kababayan...:)

I have just started drinking it and I love it... Thanks

I like soy milk but prefer Almond Milk. Please visit for my review and more information. Thanks! ; )