The Health Benefits Of Sweet Potatoes
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The Health Benefits Of Sweet Potatoes

There are lots of health benifits of sweet potatoes. Becuase there are lots of nutrients and minerals which are the reasons why sweet potatoes are highly nutritious.

Sweet potatoes are part of those root crops which could be eaten. These have different colors like white, yellow, purple, and more. The tastes of sweet potatoes have little variations too depending upon its color and kind. Sometimes, these are being mistakenly thought as yams. However, they are different according to taste and texture.

These sweet potatoes are amazingly healthy. Most of the time, these are not being served as one of those very special foods for the family. But then, there are so many health benefits of sweet potatoes that one should really know. Basically, the nutrients that one can find in sweet potatoes are Vitamin A, C, B2, B6, E, and B7. And for minerals, sweet potatoes have copper, iron, folic acid, fiber, and manganese. These nutrients and minerals are the fundamental reasons why there are so many health benefits of these sweet potatoes.

Health Benefits

Blood Sugar RegulatorsSweet potatoes are actually one of those starchy vegetables, so these are having proteins too with very low calories. So, unlike the other starchy food, sweet potatoes are good blood sugar regulators. And because of that, it is very suitable for those diabetic persons.


Vitamin A and C are present in sweet potatoes. So, it has properties of anti-inflammatory. Thus, it can fight some problems like arthritis, asthma, and other infections in the body. And most importantly, it can also boost the immune system.

• Prevent Colon Cancer

Sweet potatoes can prevent colon cancer because of the fibers present to these. These fibers will help the digestive tract in a way that these can relieve constipation. Fibers are very much present in the skin portion of sweet potatoes. Organically-grown potatoes are advisable enough to be eaten including the skin.

• Prevent Heart Diseases

Upon having a high amount of potassium, sweet potatoes are reasonable enough to prevent heart diseases such as heart attacks and stroke. The potassium will help maintain the balance of electrolyte and helps maintain the fluid in the body cells. Therefore, a normal blood pressure and heart function will be attained.

Prevent Emphysema To Smokers

Since cigarette smoking can reduce the amount of Vitamin A present to an individual, sweet potatoes will patch up the missing Vitamin A to smokers as well as those who are inhaling this. Though, this is not the best way to cure Emphysema, but it can help together with the quitting of this act of smoking.

All these things are just proofs that sweet potatoes are really highly nutritious because of its nutrients. Thus the health benefits of sweet potatoes are really incomparable .Therefore, eating sweet potatoes daily is a good way to be healthier than before.


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Comments (9)
Ranked #1 in Nutrition

I really really love this stuff, as simple as boiled kamotes, thanks.

Ranked #13 in Nutrition

Thank you so much po I have photos becuase you taught me how...thanks:)

I really love sweet potatoes aka kamote. They are great alternative of rice yet very healthy. Thanks for the post! :)

Ranked #13 in Nutrition

Thanks Jeralyn...Yeah, I love sweet potatoes/ Camote too...:)it's very affordable to biy here in Phil, yet nutrious...:)

Ranked #34 in Nutrition

More vitamins/minerals in sweet potatoes than in yams (often, the two are confused. Yams are a product of Africa, and the growing season required for yams is too long for most regions of the U.S. anyway...)

Ranked #13 in Nutrition

Thanks stickman for your additional info...:)

One of my favorite vegetables. Great to know they are also good for us.

Great article and some very important information. I think sweet potatoes are sooooo delicious...and they are nutritious as well. Thanks for posting. Vote up!

Ranked #13 in Nutrition

Thanks Donata and Peter:) Your welcome...