Why the Primal Blueprint Will Improve Your Health and Help You to Lose Weight
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Why the Primal Blueprint Will Improve Your Health and Help You to Lose Weight

This is my review of the Primal Blueprint, a book on weight loss, diet and nutrition by Mark Sisson. The book advocates the Paleo method of eating and exercise. If you are looking for a guide to shedding pounds, improving health and gaining fitness, then this book review will let you decide whether the Primal Blueprint is the right book for you.

For a few years now, I have consciously been trying to shift a good 50lbs of extra weight. No two ways about it, losing weight is hard! I was going to the gym, eating less and awaiting the transformation. Nothing happened. This went on for a few months and still, very little was happening.

Like many modern day people, I turned to the web to find out why I couldn't burn off the fat I needed to. It was after much searching that I discovered a place with a new approach to the idea of losing weight. Mark's Daily Apple is a website that discusses a customized version of what is known as the 'paleolithic' diet. This is essentially the idea that we should eat as our homosapien bodies were designed. This means dropping refined sugars, trans fats, grains and other ingredients that simply weren't available to the human being that we share our genetics with who lived up until around 10,000 years ago before the dawn of agriculture.  Though our methods of procuring food have changed, our bodies haven't and it is this oft ignored fact that is making us overweight.

Mark's website is a blog packed with free information with an accompanying forum where members can assist each other and discuss their thoughts on this lifestyle change. After much soul searching, I decided to jump in feet first and although much of the information is available for free on the website; I decided to purchase the book. Entitled the Primal Blueprint and written by its founder Mark Sisson, the Primal Blueprint is an all encompassing guide to changing your lifestyle with an outcome that will lead to a thinner, leaner and healthier individual.

The book covers all aspects of diet and weight loss as well as a guide to fitness and getting back to the way our ancestors moved.

Reading this book will go a long way to changing your mindset and I believe this is the primary factor in losing weight. If you don't believe in the reasons for doing it, dropping those extra pounds is never going to happen. If you can read this and give it a try, you will get results. No half measures allowed!

Me? Well, 12 months later I have lost 46lbs and am the same weight I was at the end of high school. I'm also in better physical shape than I was then too. I wholeheartedly recommend The Primal Blueprint for health, weight loss and happiness. Just remember that this is a lifestyle and not just a fad diet and you will be fine!

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