Wild Rice and Its Health Benefits
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Wild Rice and Its Health Benefits

Wild rice is tasty to have with meals as a filling nourishing side dish.

When we think of making some rice to go along with a meal we think of whipping up one of those boxes of instant white or brown rice, but the truth is they don't contain any nutritional benefits. The best type of rice to make with dinner is organic wild rice. Wild rice is an actual grain that can provide our bodies with nourishing nutrients that can help keep our tummies full and happy naturally.

Appearance, Texture and Flavor

Wild rice comes from several species of grasses that grow in water belonging to the Zizania Palustris family. The rice that is harvest from these grasses are small and elongated in size with soft brownish black shells on the outside and whitish insides that are hard. When the rice is cooked in water, it softens and has a grainy starchy like earthly taste to it that is plain, which is why many people add seasonings and olive oils to it to help give it flavor.

Harvesting Wild Rice

Since wild rice grows in water, you have to take a rowboat out into rice crops in order to harvest it. The way wild rice is harvested is by bending the grass blades over a bucket in the boat and giving them a gentle shake, whack with a stick, or smack with the paddle until the grains come loose and fall into the bucket. Once the rice is collected, the insects are removed from it and it is laid out flat to dry on screen tables in the sunshine for several days. After the wild rice has dried for several days, it is then browned in a pan for several minutes on high heat to help bring out the natural color of it. Next, the rice is winnowed by lightly stomping on it inside a bucket or bowl with feet. Then, the rice is placed in jars or containers until it is ready to be cooked up for a delightful side dish to a meal.

The Nutrients in Wild Rice

The nutrients in wild rice are magnesium, fiber, vitamin E, omega fatty acids, manganese, phosphorus, tryptophan, B vitamins, lysine, potassium, zinc, calcium, protein, copper, and magnesium. These nutrients have the ability to relieve inflammation in the body naturally while keeping the heart, digestive tract and immune system healthy and strong.

Health Benefits of Wild Rice

Wild rice is wonderful to add to your daily diet to help you get that serving or servings of grain you need. In addition, wild rice can help add fiber to your diet, which is needed by the body to help keep the digestive system healthy so you do not become constipated with waste build up. Eating rice can even help prevent colon cancer, IBS and stomach cancer naturally.

Many people who suffer from inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, asthma, gout, periodontitis and allergies should consider trying to have a few servings of wild rice each day because rice contains omega fatty acids in it. Omega fatty acids have the ability to naturally bring down and relieve inflammation in the body. I know eating wild rice daily has helped keep my joints from hurting and my asthma from flaring up constantly because I do not have as much inflammation in my body anymore since adding rice to my diet.

People who suffer from cold sores should consider adding rice to their diets too because it contains an amino acid in it called lysine. Lysine is needed by the body to block cold sore outbreaks naturally. Lysine is also important to the body because it helps turn body fat into energy and keeps cholesterol levels low so you do not have to suffer from heart disease or heart attacks. When our bodies cannot turn fat into energy, they become sluggish and exhausted causing depression, mood swings and even anxiety.

Eating a bowl of wild rice at lunchtime with vegetables can even help improve your skin, hair and fingernails because it contains high amounts of vitamin E in it. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant our body needs to keep us looking and feeling young and beautiful naturally. Without vitamin E, free radical cells would take over causing aging and disease in the body.

Now if your looking for away to help maintain body weight or even loose some weight eating rice as a meal with some fresh herbs and bean can do just that. Rice is high in fiber, which helps keep your stomach full longer so you are not eating high calorie sugary foods that cause weight gain. In addition, the protein in wild rice helps keep your muscles strong and your body lean.

Precautions with Wild Rice

If you ever come across wild rice that is pink and reddish in color, you should not eat it because it is contaminated with a toxic fungus that is poisonous to humans. Overall, wild rice is safe and nourishing to eat on a regular basis as long as it is organic and fresh.

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Very informative article.

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I remember when I joined a commune way back the 80s, we called 'wild rice' then "mountain rice"-brown/red color and heavy in the stomach, nice article Elise.

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Smart and interesting nutritional information presented well.

This is outstanding work, Elise. I love your articles.

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nice article and very informed too.. I gave you my vote :)

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